take part in~の意味と使い方 「 ~に参加する」




take part in~


take part in~


  • Are you taking part in this project?


  • Taking part in the charity event was a turning point for my life.


  • Dreaming of becoming an actress, she took part in countless auditions.


  • After graduating university, I’d like to take part in activities that are beneficial to the community.


  • The fighter kept his pain hidden and took part in the match.


  • The company mercilessly fired one of employees who took part in the project as a key member from the start.


  • Recently more and more fathers have taken part in child rearing taking advantage of paternity leave.


participate in



  • Do you usually participate in school events?


  • Some students participate in a conservation campaign after school.




  • Who are going to join the meeting this afternoon?


  • I didn’t decide to join the club because I wanted to win many games.



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