make up for の意味と使い方 英語で「埋め合わせる」は?







make up for ~

~を埋め合わせる ~を補う


  • To make up for the trouble I caused you yesterday, I’ll but you a cup of coffee.


  • When a person doesn’t get enough sleep at night, the body can make up for the loss of sleep when the person takes a nap during the day.


  • The artist is color blind but he makes up for that by his phenomenal skill for sketch.


  • I managed to make up for the loss I had incurred during the recession.


  • I have to go to work earlier than usual this morning to make up for going home early yesterday.


  • In japan, many companies which are on the verge of bankrupt have come up with a plan for large-scale restructuring to make up for their deficit.


  • Nagashima hit a home run and made up for his earlier error.

compensate for

~を埋め合わせる ~を補う


  • You have to compensate for wasted time by studying even harder.


  • How would you compensate for your weak point?




  • The merits of hosting casino business more than offset the demerits.


  • The boost in sales of new products will offset the loss we incurred because of the scandal.

※このようにoffsetは 長所(主語)短所(目的語)を相殺する というような語法になり、上記のmake up for  や compensate for  とこの点で異なるので注意!!




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