be made up of, consist of, be composed of, の意味と使い方





make up of~  ~を構成する

be made up of~ ~から構成される、 ~からなる


  • Our target customers are mainly made up of stay-at-home-mom.


  • The committee is made up of 9 members.


  • The book is made up of more than 100 chapters.


  • All bodies are made up of atoms.


  • Elderly people largely made up of the audience for the meeting.


  • The charity group is mainly made up of volunteers.


  • The U.S. is a nation made up of a wide variety of peoples, so in most cases, it’s difficult for its citizens to reach consensus.


  • Japan is mainly made up of four islands.

このように受け身形の be made up of の形で使われることが多いです。


consist of ~

~からなる、 ~で構成される


  • My family consists of my father, mother, and me.


  • Her latest album consists of 3 well-known songs and 8 songs newly made only for this album.


be composed of



  • The movement was mainly supported by organizations composed of labors.


  • The human body is largely composed of water, so you need to keep hydrating yourself under such hot weather.


  • Molecules are composed of atoms.

※このように be made up of 同様、受け身形でbe composed of ~とされることが多い。





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