keep up with と catch up with の意味と違い

keep up withcatch up with


keep up with~



例文: I cannot keep up with homeworks.


catch up with~ 



例文: Could you speed up a littel? I have to catch up with my boss before he gets on a plane.





keep up with~



We put up the rate to keep up with price rises.


Most elderly people seem to be unable to keep up with the way the world is changing.


If we covers as many as 15 topics only in the first semester, I won’t be able to keep up with my preparation.


It’s almost impossible to keep up with the sharp rise in the number of internet crime.


catch up with~



I will catch up with him while he drops by a convenience store.


Most developing countries in Southeast Asia are making efforts to catch up with Japan.


However hard we work, supply of this products won’t catch up with the demand for a while.



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