There is /are 使える表現一覧

There is/are の使える!重要表現一覧




There are pros and cons to


There have been a lot of discussion and debates about whether or not


There are both advantages and disadvantages to





There is nothing wrong about~
There is nothing wrong (A) with



There is no harm in ~



There is no question that

There is suspicion that



There are many risks to



There is a need (for A) to do



There are many options for

There are no other options but to



There is little we can do to

There is no wat of ~ing



There is no advantage in ~ing.

There is (dis)advantage to



There is no point in ~ing
There is no use in ~ing



There is every reason to
There is good cause to

There is no excuse for



There is no accounting for~





There is the possibility that~
There is a chance that~



There is the fact that

There is evidence that

There is a rumor that




There is a growing awareness that

There is a growing tendency toward



There are differences between A and B


There is no clear borderline between A and B.


There is a connection between A and B.
There are relationships between A and B.
There is a link between A and B.



There is response to



There is an unspoken agreement that




Is there someone who ~?


Is there any age limit for ~?


There is no cure for~


There is a charge for


There is only one answer to



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